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Join the Vincent Hill Station Talent and Promotion Network!

Calling All Artists, Performers, and Promoters!

Are you a talented artist, an electrifying performer, or a skilled promoter with a knack for creating unforgettable events? Vincent Hill Station is on the lookout for individuals like you to enrich our vibrant venue! We value unique talents and innovative promotional skills that align with the dynamic vibe of our crowd.

Why Partner with Vincent Hill Station?

  • Dynamic Venue: Known for its lively and engaging atmosphere.

  • Growth Opportunities: Expand your following and professional network.

  • Creative Community: Be part of a diverse group of artists and promoters.

We're Seeking:

  • Artists & Performers: Distinct sound and style, engaging stage presence, and a good following.

  • Promoters: Innovative promotional strategies, a strong network, and experience in hosting successful events.

How to Apply:

  1. Fill in the Application Form: Provide your personal, contact, and professional information.

  2. Showcase Your Talent or Skills:

    • Artists: Include links to Web Pages, YouTube channels, social media, etc.

    • Promoters: Detail your experience, past events, and promotional strategies.

  3. Submit Your Application

What Happens Next?

Our team will review your submission. We'll contact you to discuss potential collaboration opportunities and the next steps for a successful partnership at Vincent Hill Station.

Contact Us:

For inquiries or further information, reach us at


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